We're a focused and efficient team shipping code and listening to users every single day.

Building infrastructure for enterprise-scale applications

We're focused on driving bitcoin adoption forward

At Galoy, we believe access to bitcoin benefits every person in the world. This motivates us to build bitcoin-native banking infrastructure that reduces the development burden for organizations seeking to use bitcoin and Lightning.

Our mission is to unlock the benefits of using Bitcoin and Lightning for organizations.

We're working towards a vision where Lightning is ubiquitous and any organization can be sovereign.

A distributed team of builders

Our world-class engineers and business minds are hyper-focused on building software designed for enterprise scale deployments.

Founder and CEO

Built Bitcoin Beach Wallet (now Blink) alpha in 2020, while staying in El Zonte.


Employee #2, since 2020. Running the backend infrastructure.


Justin brings enterprise cloud computing expertise and leadership to Bitcoin.

The Galoy core team is made up of 20 people across engineering, data science and business capabilities. There are also many open source contributors helping to make the stack better every day.

Leading Bitcoin and SaaS investors

Galoy is funded by some of the most successful and visionary VCs and angel investors in the world.

Craft Ventures
Kingsway Capital
Valor Equity Partners
Trammell Venture Partners
Fulgur Ventures
Hivemind Ventures

...and many more, including notable angels like Vijay Boyapati, Balaji Srinivasan and Brad Mills.