Bitcoin Beach (Blink) Wallet Users Can Now Receive Payment Via Lightning Address
Bitcoin Beach (Blink) Wallet Users Can Now Receive Payment Via Lightning Address

Bitcoin Beach (Blink) Wallet Users Can Now Receive Payment Via Lightning Address


Lightning Addresses make sending sats as easy as sending an email.

As described in the GitHub repo by André Neves of Zebedee:

“The Lightning Address is an Internet Identifier that allows anyone to send you Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. No scanning of QR codes or pasting invoices necessary.”

Typical Lightning invoices require users to scan a QR code or copy/paste a long string of characters. Lightning Addresses introduce a memorable, easy-to-type identifier that can be used for sending and receiving payments over Lightning.

As of last week, Bitcoin Beach Wallet users can receive sats via Lightning Address using the format “[username]” The ability to conversely send from the Bitcoin Beach Wallet to Lightning Addresses is actively under development.

Every Bitcoin Beach Wallet User Has A Lightning Address

22 days after Nicolas Burtey tweeted asking the community for help implementing LNURL in the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, @fiatjaf shared news of the update on Twitter.

Now, all Bitcoin Beach Wallet users can receive payments using Lightning Addresses. This marks one more step towards making Lightning the easiest, fastest and least expensive payment method on the planet.

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Static Lightning Addresses Provide Additional Utility

Lightning Addresses are static. This is in contrast to Lightning invoices, which are dynamic and need to be generated on-the-fly. Accordingly, Lightning Addresses can be especially useful for merchants who accept Bitcoin for goods and services – allowing for the possibility to print and post the static address at a physical point of sale.

Find Your Lightning Address

Determining your Bitcoin Beach Wallet Lightning Address is easy. If you know your username, just add “” after it.

Verify your username by clicking the “settings” gear icon in the top-right corner of the app.

Here are some examples of real Lightning Addresses you can try sending sats to:


Lightning Address is becoming a popular way to receive sats. Zebedee, Breez, Phoenix and many other wallets have enabled this format. See a comprehensive list at

Sending Payments to a Lightning Address

Sending a payment to a Lightning Address is simple. In many wallets you can type or paste the address into the field where you would otherwise paste a Lightning invoice.

See a Lightning Address payment in action:

Coming soon: Send To Lightning Addresses from Bitcoin Beach Wallet

Galoy issued a bounty for the send side, which would enable Bitcoin Beach Users to send payments to Lightning Addresses – development is in progress. Follow along and get involved with the Galoy open source Bitcoin banking platform on GitHub.

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