Suite of open source products for enterprise scale Bitcoin applications

The open source bitcoin stack for enterprises

The Galoy stack includes a modular set of products for building enterprise-scale bitcoin applications and integrations, connected via a GraphQL API and deployable to the cloud using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Our CEO Nicolas Burtey shared insight into building Bitcoin apps for enterprise at Microstrategy 2023.


Bria is a scaling solution that interfaces with on-chain Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Most bitcoin software is developed with the mental model of a single user running on a home node. Failure is inconvenient but not catastrophic. At Galoy we are building Bitcoin infrastructure to meet the scalability, uptime and security standards of high SLA environments.

Bria is an open source Bitcoin Bridge designed to enable seamless batching of transactions across onchain and Lightning in a security optimized manner.

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A hedging engine for creating bitcoin-native stable balances (i.e. Synthetic USD)

Bitcoin's short-term exchange rate volatility is a feature, not a bug. However, there are times when holding a fiat-stable balance is useful. Selling bitcoin, or using stablecoins are popular ways to stabilize value in fiat terms, but both require interfacing with additional payment networks or blockchains. What if you could stabilize value without offramping bitcoin? Now you can, with Stablesats.

Stablesats is a hedging engine for creating bitcoin-native stable balances that are fully interoperable with on-chain bitcoin and the Lightning Network. We use derivatives contracts, specifically the perpetual inverse swap, to enable stability in a simple, efficient and bitcoin only manner.

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Coming soon – an open source core ledger.

Enterprise financial applications need a powerful double-entry accounting ledger at their core. The Cala Ledger is designed to become a foundational piece of the open source financial system of the future, for bitcoin and traditional apps alike.

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Bitcoin Payments API

Immediately interoperability with the bitcoin ecosystem.

Experience the power of open source software. The Blink API is already integrated with popular ecommerce platforms, Bitcoin ATMs, payment processors and more. When you build on Galoy, you're collaborating with the entire ecosystem.

Explore and experiment using the production instance hosted and managed by Blink.

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Wallets & web apps

A suite of tools for making Bitcoin simple, safe and reliable.

The galoy-mobile bitcoin wallet is used by thousands of people every day across at least four projects. Blink has been improving daily for three years and is a favorite Lightning wallet worldwide.

galoy-pay is a web-based bitcoin point of sale with authentication capabilities. As a receive-only application, it is perfectly suited for merchants and other retail use cases.

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The Galoy stack is open source. View and build on GitHub